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The Outro Clothing brand was created and directed by a young Edmonton femme, with a focus on youth and modernity from a Black perspective. You can spot Edmonton locals from 18 to 30 years old in their Outro gear, including various quality, tastefully designed T-shirts, hoodies, and accessories. Over the past couple of years, Outro has continued to organically grow a community of patrons characterised by their urban and modern taste in music, clothing, and culture. 

The exploration and amplification of Black creativity are of importance to Outro as a brand, with a community of artists and creatives at its core. This symbiotic relationship is vital to the growth of everyone involved. The creative director, Yasmine, emphasises the need for collaboration over competition, believing that it’s through collaborations and uniting our voices that we can build an impactful fashion and creative industry in Edmonton. Yasmine loves the idea of Black people coming together and being able to express their creativity, and her goal is to one day have a studio that caters to Black creatives and a dedicated shop portion to sell Outro gear. She also has always had the dream of touring, hosting fashion shows and pop-ups throughout the country.

The brand ideology is about the evolution of self. Outro encourages young Black people to explore the possibilities of their identity, asking them who they are and what they truly want. The brand pushes youth to be creative, loud, and clear about their vision—for self, community, and art. That is, to embrace the evolution of self and to continuously reintroduce themselves to the world. 

The Outro philosophy is suited for people who are not scared of new beginnings and will express themselves through timeless and unique style: “When you feel like your style stopped evolving, remember: this is not the end—it is just an Outro to your Intro.”

Best ways to support Outro:

1. Shop for your own stylish Outro hoodie!
2. Follow them on Instagram and/or Facebook, and be on the lookout for their next drop.
3. Share with your friends. Word of mouth is more impactful than people realize, and it’s especially appreciated by young designers building community.

— By Merlin Uwalaka

SAY IT LOUD! is a national campaign for Black youth aged 14-29 that promotes Black pride and positive cultural identity through technology, entrepreneurship, social innovation, fashion, culinary, visual, literary, and performing arts.

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