Winter Jaunts and Adventures: This Weekend in Edmonton (Jan 19 – 21)

“An Index of Sorts” by Rachel Livedalen

It’s officially the weekend and whether you are in the mood to spend time outside enjoying the weather and its snowy offerings with friends or you prefer to stay inside and take in a play, we’ve got you covered. From The Drawer Boy to a Taylor Swift dance party, we are here to keep you entertained! 

  1. 1. The Drawer Boy  | Jan 17-Feb 4 
  2.  A young actor from the big city stays with two farmers to gather stories about rural life for a play he is working on. The farmers’ lives are irrevocably altered when art begins to imitate life and the line between truth and fiction cross. Enjoy this hilarious, surprising, and infinitely moving Canadian classic. 
  3. 2. The Taylor Swift DJ Dance Party & Laser Light Show | Jan 19
  4. Swiftie Fans unite! Head over to River Cree Resort and Casino for the ultimate Taylor Swift DJ Dance Party and laser Light  Show, featuring DJ Swiftie. Playing all of Taylor Swift’s greatest hits and more, how can you resist the chance to sing along and dance the night away? So pick your favourite Eras outfit and party the night away. Disclaimer: This performance will include laser lights, strobe lights, and atmosphere effects.  If you have sensitivities to these items, please take the proper precautions.
  5. 3. Waves, All that Glows Sees, a creation of Le Théâtre des Confettis | Jan 19
  6. Presented by Noisy Theatre, “Waves, All that Glows Sees”  is a carefully crafted beach adventure for young children. Written by Véronique Côté, adults with their little ones follow a pathway of shells and stones into a warm, serene tent on the stage, where a gentle seaside scene and magical story awaits. So what are you waiting for? Grab your little ones and have a good time.
  7. 4. Edmonton Ski Club: Winter Pride Party 2024 | Jan 20
  8. Dress loud and proud in your favourite glad rags and head to the 2024 Edmonton Ski Club Winter Pride Party. Dance the night away to great music from DJ Lady Luck and get your ski on!
  9. 5. The In-Betweens by Alison James | Jan 20 – Feb 17
  10. The In-Betweens by Alison James analyzes the creation, storage, and recollection of James’ episodic memories. Five emotional, unnerving animations loop within SNAP Gallery, and are installed alongside the tactile, intricate sets and frames used to make them, offering insight into their creation and encouraging reflection upon the memory making process.
  11. 6. “An Index of Sorts” by Rachel Livedalen |  Jan 20 – Feb 17
  12. Another great exhibition happening at SNAP Gallery is “An Index of Sorts”. “An Index of Sorts”  is an installation of screen printed paper forming a grid-like design across the walls of the gallery.  Within the grid pattern are groupings of framed works on paper and printed fabric panels blending Greco-Roman art historic references with contemporary culture. You won’t want to miss experiencing this installation.
  13. 7. Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival | January 20 – January 21
  14. Delve into this year’s theme of nostalgia and joyous celebration at the ultimate winter festival. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures that make up the fabric of Alberta Avenue District, including Ukrainian, French Canadian, Franco African, Indigenous (Métis, Inuit, Cree), Latin American, and Asian influences. Wander through our event to discover artistic creations, a homestead village, and musical celebrations that will delight your senses with music, art, and delectable treats.
  15. 8. Chinatown Dining Week | Jan 18-28
  16. Experience the flavour packed world of Chinatown Dining Week brought to you by Freya Fu and Sharon Yeo. Take this opportunity to sample some of the best dishes that Chinatown has to offer including dishes from Hing Lung BBQ House, Namaste India, and more! 

  1.  Looking for more events? We’ve got many in our Events Calendar!



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