Event Spotlight: Edmonton Expo

Photo courtesy Edmonton Expo.

Edmonton’s biggest celebration of fandom is taking over the EXPO Centre this weekend! Here’s more about this event’s exciting return after a 3-year hiatus.

For those of us obsessed with pop culture, it’s hard to think of a more exciting event than Edmonton Expo. There are so many special experiences to be found at this three-day event: taking pictures with cosplayers, attending workshops and other fun events, shopping the show floor to find the perfect nerdy gift.

Plus, this year’s lineup is stacked with celebrity guests! You can get William Shatner to sign your limited-edition Star Trek DVDs or put on your best Evil Queen outfit to snap a picture with Lana Parrilla. We were lucky enough to attend a Q&A with another exciting guest who will be appearing at this year’s con: Lou Ferrigno! To celebrate this weekend’s event, here’s 4 things you might not know about The Incredible Hulk actor.

Catch Lou Ferrigno at Edmonton Expo on both Saturday & Sunday! Photo courtesy Edmonton Expo.
  1. 1. The makeup for The Incredible Hulk took almost 4 hours to put on.

  2. These days CGI is very common in modern films, but it hasn’t been around forever! Ferrigno recalls that he would spend 3 and a half hours in the makeup chair whenever they were shooting the show. With the use of a prosthetic nose and forehead and bright green grease makeup, the transformation into the Hulk was complete. Ferrigno recalls that once, after a long night of filming, he decided to drive home without taking the make-up off and spooked a nearby driver!
  3. 2. He’s afraid of swimming.

  4. “We all have fear, all we can do is our best to minimize it,” says Ferrigno. He calls this the ‘fear factor’ and encourages people to work to diminish it wherever possible. For him, one of his biggest fears is swimming.
  5. 3. He’s been a personal trainer for lots of other celebrities.

  6. Considering his background in bodybuilding, it isn’t shocking to learn that Ferrigno has worked a personal trainer for many years. Former clients include Michael Jackson and Chuck Norris, among others.
  7. 4. Ferrigno hopes to be a part of the MCU and is open to reprising his role as the Hulk.

  8. He recently talked to Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, and expressed that he would love to appear in an upcoming Marvel Film as a new character. When asked if he would come back as the Hulk if given the opportunity, Ferrrigno said he was definitely open to it!

Head down to Edmonton Expo this weekend to meet Lou Ferrigno in person!


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