Celebrate National Caesar Day in Edmonton

Illustration by Rudy Smith

National Caesar Day—the Thursday before the May long-weekend—marks the unofficial kick-off to summer!

The spicy Caesar is as integral to the Canadian identity as curling, hockey, and maple syrup. Inspired by his favourite dish—Spaghetti alle Vongole in Rosso (spaghetti with clams and tomato)—Calgary bar manager Walter Chell invented the mouthwatering drink in 1969. Salty, bitter, umami, sweet, and spicy notes mean that Caesars can be altered in unique ways without losing the original concept of the cocktail.

Try the classic Canuck cocktail at one of these spots:

1. Tavern on Whyte boasts a loaded Caesar with half a grilled cheese sandwich, boiled egg, pickle, asparagus, celery, stuffed olives, and more!

2. Pick your poison at Have Mercy, where you can enjoy a classic Caesar made with vodka, gin, tequila, rye, or jager—each with its own garnish.

3. The relatively self-explanatory 1st Rnd Dill Pickle Caesar includes pickle juice, dill seasoning on the rim, and a pickle sail for the garnish.

4. To round out the menu at Yokozuna are its specialty cocktails, one of which puts a unique spin on the Canadian classic: a Caesar made with smoked salmon vodka and garnished with a smoked salmon crème cheese ball.

5. Want even more options? Stop by O2s and check out their Caesars menu, which includes classic, BBQ, and spicy options, as well as their Jacked Up Caesar garnished with dill pickle, pepperoni, onion ring, and crispy bacon.



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