Celebrate Everything That Moves Us With Reynolds–Alberta Museum

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Planes, trains, and automobiles–we owe a lot to the technology that moves us.

These days, we might take our transportation systems for granted. When was the last time you marvelled at the mechanical feat of your car? Or our ability to fly across the world thanks to advancements in aviation technology?

At the Reynolds-Alberta Museum, these important machines take centre stage. This Wetaskiwin-located museum is dedicated to all the things that move us. “Our four themes are transportation, aviation, agriculture, and industry,” says Cynthia Blackmore, Reynold’s Head of Marketing and Communications. Opened in 1992, the museum is named after Stanley George Reynolds, who donated over 1,500 artifacts to the collection.

Although Stan sadly passed in 2012, the museum has continued to grow due to donations from other individuals and community members. Currently, Reynolds has more than 5000 artifacts in their collection. Notable machines include the 1959 Avro Arrow, which was built in Wetaskiwin and appears in the 1997 CBC miniseries The Arrow and the 1929 Duesenberg Model J, which is the only car of its type on display in all of Canada! Visitors can also marvel at the oldest car in their collection, the 1898 Innis Car Chassis, which was built by George Innes, a Scottish engineer who immigrated to Alberta in 1911.

Photo courtesy Reynolds-Alberta Museum

Even though the machines may be the star of the show, they would be nothing without the people behind the engines. “I think what sets us apart is that we offer a personal experience,” says Cynthia. “Without the stories that we share, those things would just be machines.” Reynolds-Alberta Museum has a dedicated team of Museum Educators who are devoted to bringing these items ti life. “We have a passion for the collection and a passion for the stories we tell.”

When humanity and machines work in harmony, the result is a real showstopper. From their much-beloved Ultimate Car Show (July 8) to their Ride to Reynolds motorcycle event (August 12), there’s no shortage of excitement to be found at the museum.

Cynthia is especially proud of the vibrant community that has grown around the museum since its opening. “Whether you are showing your car or just visiting, you get a feeling that you are welcome here.” She also recalls how wonderful it is to see people grow up with the museum. “Students who came here near the beginning are now parents!”

What better place to recall good memories while making new ones? From young families to auto aficionados, there’s something at the museum for everyone.

Reynolds-Alberta Museum | 6426–40 Ave., Wetaskiwin | 780-312-2065 | reynoldsmuseum.ca 


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