6 Thrilling Escape Room Experiences in Edmonton


With constant updates and changes, escape rooms always offer new challenges to tackle! Whether you’re a beginner or a hard-core veteran, satisfy your desire for adventure and mystery at one of these thrilling rooms in Edmonton!

1. Breakout Entertainment
The city’s first escape room company continues its innovative streak. Head to Breakout Entertainment’s east location to try the first “Players vs. Players” room and determine once and for all which of your friends is the top room escapist! Divide into two teams and tackle the same puzzles to see who can solve them the quickest before the clock runs out—just watch out for sabotages! Book a room on the website.
16604-109 Ave. | 780-444-4416

Cabin room at Escape City

2. Escape City
When a piano falls on Lisa’s head, she slips into a coma, and her doctors are now losing hope! As her brain, your group needs strong teamwork, communication, and outside-the-box thinking to wake her up before they pull the plug. “Neurological,” the challenging new room at Escape City, has a solid storyline and cohesive puzzles that are sure to keep your own brain reeling. Book a room on the website.
5916-104 St. | 780-761-2489

3. GTFO Escape Entertainment
At GTFO, join “The Heist” after receiving a mysterious tip of the excessive wealth at your fingertips. Help your crew successfully pull off this lucrative bank robbery, but keep in mind that you may not be able to trust the person who sent you. Book a room on the website.
10018-105 St. | 780-540-4836

4. Logic Lock
As part of an elite task force, you’ve been sent to uncover the secrets of a clan of thieves! Logic Lock’s “The Warehouse of Thieves” is a visually stimulating room paired with reasonably challenging (but still solvable) puzzles that are perfect for first-timers and families with children. Book a room on the website.
10336 Jasper Ave. | 780-428-0159

5. SideQuests Adventures
For the perfect creative room for your group of four to eight people, try your collective brainpower at SideQuests Adventures Inc.’s “Expedition.” Uncover the secrets of a new, unexplored chamber while assisting your Egyptology professor on a dig! Book a room on the website.
10190-104 St. | 780-705-1731

6. Smarty Pantz
If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to escape rooms, you’d be wrong—the newest room available at Smarty Pantz is completely virtual reality! Designed for 2-4 players, “Space Station Tiberia” has you and your teammates don goggles, headphones, and a battery backpack to prepare for your mission: reactivate the space station and save Earth from a giant meteor. (And for the motion-sickness-prone, don’t worry: like in real life, the movements are strictly your own, thus preventing that inner ear mismatch that causes queasiness!) Book a room on the website.
10524-110 St. | 780-951-9293


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