Your NEW Science Centre is NOW Open!


On February 16, TELUS World of Science was thrilled to mark the opening of Your NEW Science Centre. There are some exciting new and recently reimagined spaces to check out.

health zone telus world of science
Check out the new Health Zone at TELUS World of Science.

The Health Zone is a new space in the Allard Family Gallery that provides guests with the opportunity to learn about their health stories. Through various activities and experiments, you’ll be able to test your flexibility, vertical, and leg power as well as see your veins, zoom up close to your skin, or hear your heartbeat. Additionally, there is a lab space where guests can channel their inner scientist and do a DNA extraction.

The Indigenous Traditional Room offers a safe space for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to talk and listen to an Elder or Traditional Teacher. It also features local Indigenous artwork, blankets, sacred medicines, and ceremonial drums. This room creates the opportunity for respectful gatherings and provides you with the opportunity to learn about Indigenous Culture and hear stories about Indigenous Ways of Knowing.

Glass walls and high ceilings capture the modern and airy essence of the new Galaxy Gift Shop. There are many items to choose from—small trinkets, gadgets, games, books, jewelry, and more—to channel your inner scientist. The Gift Shop supports local and Indigenous artisans, featuring products from Crystal Driedger Studios, JACEK Chocolate Couture, and more.

Keep in mind the Arctic Journey Gallery, another new space set to open this September.

Your NEW Science Centre would not have been possible without the support of people who believe in the wonders of science and the access of knowledge to all ages. “The last couple of years have truly shown society how vital science is, and we are privileged to be able to help our community learn in a fun, exciting and engaging atmosphere,” said Alan Nursall, President and CEO at TELUS World of Science.

Be sure to join the celebration of Your NEW Science Centre at TELUS World of Science this Family Day weekend as there will be activities and demonstrations to appeal to the minds of the whole family.


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