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Watching our planet exist in a state of climate uncertainty is overwhelming. You may know that there are ways to be sustainable as an individual, but you don’t know where to start. With World Earth Day coming this Friday, we thought it would be a good time to share some businesses in Edmonton that are environmentally friendly, ethically conscious, and sustainable. You’ll be on your way to taking care of our Earth.

A quick note on sustainable businesses…

You might be wondering what ethical and sustainable mean. In general, ethical and sustainable businesses will follow a zero-waste approach, use natural, toxin-free ingredients, keep their production processes local, and remain conscious about their impact on workers, consumers, and the community (social consciousness). There may be variations between businesses since sustainability can take on many meanings.


Blenderz Garment Recyclers

Blenderz Garment Recyclers reclaim unsellable textiles. Using a zero-waste approach, they use a mixture of solutions to reuse or recycle materials. Garments are sold to the public with pay-by-the-pound shopping or broken down when they aren’t in good condition to resell. Blenderz takes responsibility for local consumption in Edmonton, therefore, the garments received are from local thrift stores and never resold overseas. They also offer workshops and craft kits so that you can learn about the process of upcycling.

Poppy Barley 

Poppy Barley is a Certified B Corporation. This means that they are legally required to create social and environmental benefits by considering the impact of their decisions on customers, workers, suppliers, the community, and the environment. A focus for Poppy Barley is to create ethical, long-term partnerships with factories that meet standards for ethical production. These standards include human rights, health and safety, equality, and secure employment. They are committed to using responsible materials where possible. To top it all off, their products are made to last. This means less waste and lower consumption frequencies so that you can invest in eco-friendly products.


Photo courtesy Carbon Environmental Boutique

Carbon Environmental Boutique

Carbon Environmental Boutique provides eco-conscious alternatives for everyday goods. They offer health, wellness and beauty products, home essentials, stationery products, and clothing and accessories. At Carbon, the well-being of people and the planet are equally important. They have partnered with brands and makers that share the mission of a clean, toxin-free, and environmentally-conscious world. You have the option to refill your products, so make sure to save your containers—it’s a good way to reduce waste.


A store providing zero-waste beauty, body, and home and kitchen alternatives. All the products are local and eco-friendly, made without plastic, synthetic materials, or packaging. With their zero-waste commitment, all products are refillable, reusable, or compostable at the end of life.


Jack 59

This Edmonton-based, Indigenous-owned, and women-led business provides natural hair and body care products that are ethically sourced and sustainably made. Their bars are pH-balanced, paraben-free, sulphate-free, and vegan, with gluten-free options available. All products are Canadian-made. They are also committed to a zero-waste production process using plastic-free production and recyclable packaging. A single shampoo bar replaces up to three plastic bottles, while a single conditioner bar replaces up to five. Jack59 has prevented over 500,000 plastic bottles from going to the landfill.

Photo courtesy Pura Botanicals

Pura Botanicals 

Clean and sustainable skincare, body care, and wellness is the name of the game with Pura Botanicals. Pura’s Edmonton-based production lab uses plant and flower-derived essences and organic and wild-harvested ingredients. All products are earth-friendly, non-toxic, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. Shopping is made easy online as you can filter products based on your specific concern.


Earth’s General Store

A store that has been helping Edmontonians reduce their ecological impact on the planet since 1991. Earth’s General Store offers bulk items that are local certified organic and Fair Trade Certified. Customers can refill their containers with bulk foods which is a step toward a zero-waste lifestyle. Earth’s General Store is also committed to spreading knowledge about waste reduction by sharing resources to help you get started in your journey.


Café Mosaics and The Moth Café 

Café Mosaics is a vegan and vegetarian gem that sources fresh whole foods and organic tonic herbs from responsible farms. Their goal is to make a conscious effort to respect our animal friends and Mother Earth. You can enjoy an all-day breakfast, burgers and bowls, and of course, delicious drinks. The Moth Café is the sister restaurant of Café Mosaics. It seeks to nurture the body and fuel the soul with 100% plant-based ingredients.

Rge Rd 

A lively, high-end eatery committed to sourcing all produce and meat directly from the farm and small-scale producers. Rge Rd seeks to honour, celebrate, and amplify local farms and partners. Its flavours are inspired by the Canadian Prairies and the menu changes seasonally based on available ingredients. It also honours animals through whole animal butchery practices.



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