When Greek Food Really Is Something Else


This article by Mariah Hess appeared in our Info Edmonton Magazine – March/April 2022.

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Photos courtesy of Something Else Restaurant

Celebrate food, family, and friendship all in one place…

What could be more special than sharing family recipes with your loved ones? From souvlaki and gyros to homemade tzatziki, Something Else Restaurant shares not only its food but also its heart. This Greek restaurant in Spruce Grove, Alberta, brings people together as a family.

Chef and owner Louie Balomenos has spent every day in the kitchen for over 20 years making each sauce and marinade from scratch. Perfection, he believes, is possible.something else restaurant

Louie arrived in Canada from Greece when he was 17 years old. He made connections with Greek restaurant owners who soon put him to work, teaching him authentic recipes and how to speak English simultaneously. With dedication and 12-hour days, he climbed the ranks and was given an opportunity to take over a restaurant near Miette Hot Springs in 1989, which he named L&M, after his daughters.

In 1996, Louie’s brother and sister-in-law, Alex and Helen Balomenos, established Something Else Steakhouse in Jasper, Alberta. Around this time, Louie had been running other restaurants in Jasper and Grande Cache. In 2001, Louie decided to expand the family business and took the name east to Spruce Grove—opening the Something Else Restaurant known and loved locally today. While the two restaurants share a name and are similar in cuisine, their menu options do vary.

The Spruce Grove menu has something for everyone, from Greek staples to other Mediterranean-influenced dishes. Among popular menu items, the souvlaki is a must-try. The melt-in-your-mouth choice of chicken, beef, lamb, or prawn is marinated for days and served on Greek-style rice with potatoes, pita bread, and homemade tzatziki.

All their sauces, dressings, and marinades are homemade, creating unforgettable dishes.

something else restaurantDon’t miss out on the Avgolemono soup, which is offered randomly twice a week. This traditional lemon, chicken, and rice soup has customers “polishing off the bowl.” Another recommendation is the lasagna, crafted carefully with homemade Bolognese sauce.

For over 20 years, the Balomenos family has celebrated milestones while helping others celebrate theirs. The restaurant mixes the perfect ambience of warm and cozy with family-friendly. Staff have witnessed circles of life through their customers who bring new generations to the tables to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other momentous occasions.

“It makes us feel purposeful,” says the restaurant manager, Louisa, who is also Louie’s daughter.

When indoor dining resumed under the Restrictions Exemption Program, the staff were thrilled to see familiar faces returning. Something Else continues to use measures to make everyone feel safe, including social distancing and sanitizing. Their priority is to protect everyone like family.

The staff are tremendously grateful to everyone who has supported the restaurant and spread the word, especially during a pandemic that causes many financial hardships. “It’s been everything for us,” says Louisa. “It’s the whole reason we’ve survived the pandemic thus far.”

Celebrate your own stories with the Balomenos family at Something Else Restaurant. Reservations are welcome.


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