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We all have a different appreciation and take on what is Japanese cuisine based on our experience and preferences in the flavour profiles you find on any culinary adventure. For most of us, we immediately associate Japanese cuisine with sushi, however, there is a wide variety of dishes and styles that make for a great experience. One of those is the bento. Yes, you may have tried it and seen it on a menu somewhere, but the bento is probably one of the earliest forms of food take out packaging in the world.  


Within Japan the bento is a homemade meal to go, usually with rice as the base and accompanied by and variety of meats and vegetables along with something pickled to cleanse the palate. You may even find an artistic touch to the presentation of various bento, depending on who is making it and how much time they have on their hands. Due to the variety of foods within the bento, every bite offers a different experience and different flavors allowing you to end your meal with a simple おいしかた – Oishikatta (delicious).


Here in Edmonton, we have some amazing restaurants, with different bento (take-out) offerings, however, physical distancing won’t hinder you from taking this culinary experience home. Here are a few Japanese eateries that are currently offering pick-up our delivery bento services within our city.

Mikado Sushi & Robata
Nomiya – Ellerslie
Izakaya Tomo
Japonais Bistro
Dorinku Osaka
MAKI MAKI Japanese/Vietnamese

Visit them online and via social media for details on how to order and menu options.


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