Holiday-Free Activities on Christmas Day in Edmonton (2016)

Photo courtesy City of Edmonton.

Whether you don’t celebrate Christmas or you’re just tuckered out from all the festivities, here are some options for fun, holiday-free activities in Edmonton.

See a new film. Most movie theatres in Edmonton will be open for the holiday as December 25 has become a significant release day for blockbuster films. This Christmas, three features will hit the big screen: La La Land, Fences, and Hidden Figures. If you’re kid-free that day, visit one of the deluxe VIP theatres at Cineplex Odeon Windermere and lean back in one of their extra-wide, comfy seats! (Please note: Due to AGLC restrictions, the theatre will not be able to serve alcohol that day, but it still will serve many tasty alcohol-free beverages!)
Cineplex Odeon Windermere and VIP Cinemas | 6151 Currents Dr. | 780-822-4250

Watch Toruk take flight! Inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar, Cirque du Soleil’s newest performance will transport you to the visually breathtaking and colourful world of Pandora with a new story of imagination and discovery that occurs before the best-selling movie. Buy tickets here.
Toruk: The First Flight | December 22 – 26 | Rogers Place

Enjoy a meal out. Take some work out of planning a holiday meal or just enjoy a night out at a great restaurant. Some good options are King Noodle House, where you can order a delicious bowl of homemade pho, or Golden Rice Bowl for some fine Chinese dining, including the local favourite peking duck!
Golden Rice Bowl | 5365 Gateway Blvd. | 780-435-3388
King Noodle House | 10613-97 St. | 780-428-8983


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