Dining Spotlight: Fat Franks

Watch for the Fat Franks street carts at events around the city!

There’s something about the heat of a midsummer’s day that stirs up cravings for all kinds of deliciousness—particularly the grilled variety. This summer marks the 24th anniversary of local hot dog franchise Fat Franks, whose specialty dogs, sausages, and smokies are one of Edmonton’s must-have indulgences. Welcome to the dog house…

Starting out with only three carts to its name, Fat Franks began as a street food vendor before expanding to include the Little Dog House on Whyte Avenue, a full-sized restaurant in the Capilano neighbourhood, and the addition of even more street carts to its growing fleet. Needless to say, Fat Franks has come a long way.

Customizable toppings means you get the dog you want every time. (You hungry yet?)

All Fat Franks locations offer gluten-free options, a delicious tofu-based veggie dog, and customizable toppings that allow you to dress your dogs with a selection of amped-up condiments (such as curry mustard and sriracha ketchup). Not a dog lover? The offerings at Dog House locations also include burgers, fries, and poutine, as well as speciality sauces and premium add-ons. With a tagline like “Fun in the bun since 1995,” customers expect no less!

Although Fat Franks takes pride in the quality of its ingredients and locally sourced products, it’s their friendly staff and inviting atmosphere that keep customers coming back for more. And thanks to their growing fleet of street carts, a Fat Franks dog has become a staple snack at any major summer event in Edmonton. So whether you are soaking up some entertainment at the Fringe Festival, basking in music at Symphony Under the Sky, or shopping for goodies at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market, keep an eye out for the cheerful logo that has become ingrained in hot dog vendor history.

—By Charisse Steward


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