Grey Arrow Farm

Grey Arrow Farm is a young family farm. Andrea and Denis, along with their five children, are growing clean, healthy produce for their CSA, restaurants, and community in Camrose, Alberta. They grow approximately 55 types of vegetables and herbs over 2.5 acres of cultivated land on their beautiful 35 acre oasis in the Alberta prairies. They are situated on a serene lake, with paths and forest groves, and a Saskatoon berry orchard to enjoy. Their farm is just a 10 minutes drive to Camrose and a 45 minute drive to the city of Edmonton. They are partnered with a number of local artisan coffee shops and businesses (in both Camrose and Edmonton) where they distribute their produce bundles to their members each week.


Out of Town: 48037 Range Road 205, Camrose, Alberta, T4V 2N1

(780) 672-2142