This Weekend in Edmonton (February 16-19)


This Family Day weekend is full of fun activities for all families and friends. Whether you want to head to the theatre for some great shows or take in an art exhibition there’s something for everyone this weekend in Edmonton. 

1. Le Vent du Nord | Feb. 16 

Head to The Arden Theatre for a night of great music! The award-winning and highly acclaimed band Le Vent du Nord will be playing their repertoire which draws from both traditional sources and original compositions.

 2. Mary Whale Exhibition | until Feb. 17 

This weekend is your last chance to see the Mary Whale Exhibition now on display at the Walterdale Theatre. This solo exhibition featuring the work of Mary Whale coincides with Walterdale’s production of Amigo’s Blue Guitar.

3. Walterdale Theatre  presents “Amigo’s Blue Guitar” by Joan MacLeod | until Feb. 17 

Walterdale Theatre is proud to present “Amigo’s Blue Guitar” by Joan MacLeod. In 1990, on an island off the coast of British Columbia, a young college student sponsors a refugee from war-torn El Salvador as part of a class project. This play prompts audiences to contemplate how they may connect with an individual who has endured such intense personal grief.

4. Special Speaker Series featuring Dan Cardinal  | Feb. 17 

The Arts and Heritage Foundation of St. Albert is thrilled to present a special speaker series featuring Dan Cardinal of the Métis Nation of Alberta on February 17, from 11 am to noon at the Musée Héritage Museum (inside St. Albert Place, 5 St. Anne Street). He will share the importance of the Cree language’s past, present and future!

5. Vástádus eana/ The answer is land | Feb. 18 

A powerful performance focused on community and tales of resistance. Norway’s Indigenous Sámi people are at the heart of the work by Elle Sofe Sara. Community and kinship between people, with nature and with the earth we all share, are the main themes of Vástádus eana/ The answer is land.

6. The International Festival of Winter Cinema | until Feb. 18 

The IFWC is proud to showcase outstanding films submitted by artists from around the world. Their filmmakers often have fascinating stories to tell and they encourage the audience to learn more about the creators and the making of their films. IFWC is the world’s greatest free outdoor winter film festival. Every year, they screen winter, mountain, polar, indigenous, and local films at their snow theatre!

7. Silver Skate Festival  | until Feb. 19 

This Family day weekend is your last chance to indulge in the Silver Skate Festival with your family and friends. The Silver Skate Festival is a free 10-day family-oriented festival that combines culture, art, education, sport, and recreation. For more Family Day activities check out this post

8. UIAA Ice Climbing World Championships and YEG Ice Fest | Feb. 16-19 

The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) and OEG Sports & Entertainment (OEGSE) presents the UIAA Ice Climbing World Championships and YEG Ice Fest. This will be the first time the World Cup Finals will be hosted outside of Europe, and the second time a world cup event is held in Canada, with the last time being 22 years ago.

9. “Inseparable Fragments” by Santosh Korthiwada | Feb. 16-28  

After moving to Canada in 2018, Calgary-based artist Santosh Korthiwada found that his memories of a lifetime in India were vibrantly present and tragically fading. Sometimes, he would walk around a corner with an absolute certainty that the street vendor from his childhood would be there. Smells and sounds sparked moments of overlap – when his memories of the past would push themselves into his experience of the present. 

10. Rubaboo | until March 3, 2024    

Written by Andrea Menard with Music by Andrea Menard and Robert Walsh, and directed by Alanis King. Derived from the Michif word for “leftovers stew” or “big pot,”  Rubaboo will take audiences on an intimate, moving, and joyous journey guided by powerhouse Métis performer Andrea Menard. An acclaimed singer-songwriter and actor, Menard’s lyrical voice and masterful storytelling will envelop you in the beauty of Métis culture.


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