The Rich Aroma of Roasting Coffee Beans Right Here in Edmonton

Roasti Coffee Company cafe
Roasti Coffee Company’s cafe.

There is a relatively new trend in coffee houses, these days.  Freshly roasted coffee beans, usually roasted right on the premises.

These beans are usually a bit more pricey than the coffee beans you find on your supermarket shelf, but not a lot more, and there are some surprising benefits to drinking coffee made from freshly roasted beans.

The next time you are in the grocery store coffee aisle, pick up a bag of whole coffee beans, and check the roasting date.  You will be astonished at how old some of them are!

It isn’t simply the aging process that makes freshly roasted beans attractive.  The fresher the beans, the higher the antioxidant and nutrient levels you’ll consume.

In addition, freshly roasted coffee beans simply taste better.

There are a dozen or more coffee roasting companies in Edmonton, now, and all of them offer bulk fresh beans, and often have a café attached to their roasting facility, where you can sample the wonderful difference freshly roasted beans make.

Try, for example, Roasti Coffee company in Sherwood Park, with their signature blends and relaxed suburban café, and ACE Coffee Roasters in Garneau, who offer subscription coffee.

Alternative Route Coffee Co., in Leduc, offer coffee tastings (“cuppings”) and tours to go with their freshly roasted blends, while Transcend Coffee, in the Millwoods area, offers baked goods and lunch items along with an aromatic brew.

In the heart of the downtown area, Iconclast Coffee Roasters roast small, consumer-sized batches of their signature coffees, which are provided in compostible packaging.

For a more extended list of coffee roasters, including one that may be closer to home for you, check our Coffee Roasters listings.



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