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Sample desserts made with love from Edmonton’s Italian Bakery at Taste of Edmonton 2022! Read more about this family owned and operated business here.

All good desserts have historic roots. Gelato’s origins have been traced to the 16th century. Mochi was used to celebrate childbirth and marriage as early as 794. Even cheesecake dates to ancient Greece!

Popular Italian desserts like cannoli, tiramisu, and éclairs are no different. Popularized in 1091, 1800, and 1884 respectively, these desserts have just as much historical significance as the Rosetta Stone. (Okay, maybe not just as much.)

Photo courtesy Italian Bakery

Like the sweet treats that fill their pastry cases, Edmonton’s Italian Bakery also has a rich historical background. With over 30 years of experience, owners Antonio and Aurora Frattin opened their first location in 1960. Growing up in Italian culture, they witnessed first-hand how food can bring people together. By opening their business, they set out to create a space that felt like home for all their customers. To them, food is art. And, with one bite of their freshly baked donuts, you will definitely agree! By using fresh ingredients and a whole lot of love, Italian Bakery’s wide array of desserts are completely irresistible.

At Taste of Edmonton 2022, find them at booth 39 and take your pick from the best desserts that Italian cuisine has to offer: Sicilian Cannoli in a variety of flavours, Chocolate Éclair, or Tiramisu. Or, throw caution to the wind and grab all three! You can say you are conducting historical research.

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