Spotlight: Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story

The newest exhibit at TELUS World of Science contains a full skeleton of one of the largest animals in the world! Photo courtesy Telus World of Science

In 2014, 9 blue whales tragically died as result of becoming trapped under ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This loss was extremely unfortunate, as these 9 whales represented 3% of the Northwest Atlantic’s blue whale population. According to the Royal Ontario Museum, “blue whales usually sink when they die but, in an unusual occurrence, two of the blue whales washed ashore.” As a result, scientists were able to recover specimens and conduct research unlike ever before.

The result of this research? An educational exhibit that offers unprecedented insight into one of the world’s largest creatures. Originally housed in the Royal Ontario Museum, Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story allows visitors to explore how blue whales eat, communicate, and live. You can even explore a full skeleton of one of the largest creatures in the world!

Photo courtesy TELUS World of Science

Beyond the jaw-dropping skeleton at the centre of this exhibit, visitors will love seeing a life-sized blue whale heart, which is accompanied by educational materials comparing the pulse and blood flow of the blue whale with other animals. You can also step inside a blue whale jaw to fully experience the scale of this marvellous creature. These extraordinary visuals, paired with educational films and audio experiences, make a visit to Out of the Blue a truly remarkable experience!

Sound intriguing? If so, head down to Edmonton’s own TELUS World of Science where the exhibit is now open, circulating outside of its home museum for the first time ever!

Find more details about Out of the Depths at the TELUS World of Science website.


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