Sparkling Ever After: The Dazzling Legacy of Paris Jewellers


By Akosua Dufie Adasi

Family and community are how locally founded luxury jewellry brand Paris Jewellers continues to thrive since their
inception over 35 years ago. When Thu Luong, the courageous and innovative mother of current co-owners Chau Lui and Trang Wong, first moved from Vietnam to Canada in 1985, she apprenticed at the retail luxury brand Goldsmiths, learning everything from how to design jewelry to dedicated customer service. Inspired and driven, Thu opened her own shop just two years later. Back then, the first Paris Jewellers was a humble 400-square-foot
store, and Thu was using her trusty Vietnamese-to-English dictionary to communicate with customers.

From the start, the newly immigrated family wanted to be an integral part of their community and connect with their customers on a genuine level. Chau recalls that those early days were not only a testament to their mother’s grace and work ethic and dedication to her community and business, but also her commitment to her family and her dreams. Seeing their mother’s work ethic as well as her gratitude towards her customers and community inspired Chau and Trang and influenced their own business philosophy as co-owners of a women-led business.

Chau, Thu & Trang

Talking to Chau about the early days, she notes how integral the family business was to her and her sister when they were growing up. She remembers hanging out in the mall where their initial store was located, doing homework in the food court with her sister and helping out at the store. “I think the thing that we fell in love with, even before the jewellery, was the excitement of the customer and the look on their face when they found the perfect piece,” she says, “We love the jewellery, but what we love most is what the jewellery represents.” It was clear from an early age that the sisters understood the heart of the business.

Chau, Thu & Trang today

Unsurprisingly, community remains an important part of Paris Jewellers’ business philosophy. “We’re only here because the community of St. Albert took a chance on us,” says Chau. As part of their commitment to the communities that have made their dream possible, Paris Jewellers has raised over a million dollars for various women’s and children’s-based charities as a way of supporting the communities that have long supported them. “I believe that the community of St. Albert has supported and enabled us to grow across Canada. That’s
why giving back is so important to us because we feel so honoured to be a part of the community,” says Chau about her company’s charitable works.

The success of the business has been a very surreal dream realized together as a family. Chau still has moments when she thinks back to their humble beginnings and how far they have come as a company and a family. “It still feels like a dream, ” she says. Sometimes her family believed their dream was impossible, but other times they knew it was achievable with incredible hard work and dedication—and now their 400-square-foot idea has
expanded to 27 locations across 4 provinces.

Growth remains in their future as their business continues to expand, with Chau hinting at the possibility of opening another store out east (stay tuned for updates!). Having a dream remains an integral part of their process. “I have so many dreams, and I always tell my daughters to dream big because the sky’s the limit,” she says. Fuelled by dreams and powered by community, the enchanting legacy of Paris Jeweller’s will continue to dazzle well into the future.

Paris Jewellers: multiple locations, including West Edmonton Mall #1920 |


This story first appeared in the Feb-Mar-Apr issue of our Info Edmonton magazine.  You can download a copy here.


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