This West Edmonton Mall Service Does Your Shopping For You


Updating your wardrobe or searching for a particular piece is daunting enough without considering one of the world’s largest shopping malls. Theoretically, in a space so large and with so many different options, everything you want should be under one roof—if you know where to look. Enter West Edmonton Mall’s Concierge Services and its current representative, Lee Severin.

What’s the first step for someone wanting this service?

What I like to do is a consult first, which can be done over the phone, so I kind of find out your needs and wants, what you’re missing, and what you’re looking to achieve from the actual appointment… I [also] like to know what your go-to’s are. Like your go-to leather jacket or denim jacket, things that you feel quite comfortable in, because I like you to bring those so we can incorporate them.

Where does this all take place?

I have a little shopping suite on Europa Boulevard. You don’t really feel like you have to enter the mall because we’re close to the entrance. Once I’ve done the phone consult with you, I’ll get you
to send me some style inspirations, and then I go personally pull from all the different locations and have it set up in the suite so that you don’t have to do all the leg work.

Shopping suite. Photo courtesy Lee Severin.

What type of clientele do you usually get?

They vary, honestly. I’ve had 16-year-old girls that have had body issues, and they hear from their family that they’re great and amazing, but still need to hear it from somebody else. All the way up to styling for the Harvest Gala that happens at the Hotel Macdonald. I have recurring clients that just need wardrobe updates, and recently a gentleman was here who was going through a separation and just needed to liven up his wardrobe.

What’s the catch?

I don’t work on commission. I work strictly for the mall. I’m constantly walking the mall to see what’s new, and also what’s on sale. I want to make sure the client is getting the best bang for their buck. So for example, if you’re looking for a leather jacket, I’ll try to source it in three different price points. I really like to try and shop around so I’m getting you the best deals.

Why don’t more people know about this?!

It was a pilot project that launched pre-COVID, but it was called “exclusive services.” And I think that really scared people away from the whole service. It sounds untouchable, like you have to have a black AMEX and spend a ton of money. Now we call it the concierge service, and that has now opened up the door so people feel much more comfortable to reach out.

What are your go-to classic items?

Simple things like a leather jacket. I love a slip dress, and we can use that again, getting into fall. We can layer it, put a t-shirt underneath or a sweater over top. I love a classic trouser.

What’s the forecast for autumn 2022?

We‘re still really into bright—so bright oranges and pinks. The go-to colour they’ve picked for fall is periwinkle blue. We’re seeing a lot of knitwear on the runway, and denim’s still quite strong, for both men and women. Not as bright for men. Men are still a bit toned down, but a lot prints. Fun colours in plaid. It’s kind of a neat time because it’s everything, like the more the merrier. There’s really no one avenue for style right now, which is fun to see.

You can contact Lee through the WEM Concierge Centre (located in #2468, level 2, Phase III) by calling or texting 780-700-5205, or by visiting


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